4/7/2010 Station Update

From our Station Manager 4/7/2010

Hi there, and a happy National Tartan Day to one and all.

It hardly seems like a year since the last one, but we’ve come a long way since then.

On April 6th last year, we were broadcasting, but only just.  The schedule was little more than an automated jukebox, with very little Whidbey based content.  We had no stream going, so the only way to hear KWPA was off air.

SInce then the KWPA microphone has been recording at a variety of events, and we have one live program going, with one or two more in the wings.  The schedule is packed with Whidbey based content, both speech and music.  The stream allows listeners worldwide to hear us, and the website carries the broadcast schedule, allows listener reaction, and enables donations (which we always welcome).

And to think that we’ve barely scratched the surface.  Whidbey is an untapped goldmine of material for a radio station such as KWPA.  We’re using a teaspoon where a bucket excavator is needed.

Every so often somebody asks me why KWPA doesn’t have a community calendar, or a jazz program, or a sports program.  The answer is easy – because nobody has stepped forward to do it, and you could be the first.

So enjoy National Tartan Day,

and keep thinking programs.

Tom Laurenson
Director of Programs
Whidbey Public Radio


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