Station Update 4/15/2010

Hi there

Some exciting new developments in prospect.

We’ve applied to have KWPA on iTunes.  It takes some time to go thru the process but we’ll let you know the moment we hear.

We’re also working to put a selection of programs on the website as Podcasts.  That means you don’t have to wait for a scheduled broadcast to hear something.  You can download and listen at your leisure.  If you haven’t looked at the website for a week or two, have a look soon.  Sarah Richards is doing some great work on it, and you’ll see some new things there..

One important aspect of the KWPA output is that we are an indirect benefit to the hospitality industry.  Want to know what Musselfest is about?  Tune into KWPA or download the podcast to find out, and maybe you’ll go along next year.  Ditto Murder Mystery Weekend, or Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival, or the Ebey Forever Conference, etc.  What other community in the land could do this?  Maybe we’lld see more of the hospitality industry underwriting KWPA once they understand that benefit.

We have two people on the verge of starting up programs.  Keep at it folks.

Gwen Sam is well into her stride with her live program on Mondays at 11am.  Each episode is recorded for a repeat later in the week, and there will be an archive spot soon with random repeats of her programs.

On Saturday the KWPA microphone will be at South Whidbey High School Auditorium recording a performance by the Olga Symphony.  They’re on the front page of the current Whidbey Market Place & News, and since it’s a benefit concert for the Beach Watchers, we’re all anticipating a great evening.

I had hoped to be able to record a performance next weekend at Beanaroya Hall (sometimes known as Mukilteo Coffee) but that fell thru.  Just because we want to record doesn’t mean we automatically get permission.  But it is the weekend to Welcome the Whales, and if it’s dry, a KWPA microphone could be around to see what happens.  Bayview Farmer’s Market starts that day too, and it would be fun to do the rounds and find out what’s what there.

Into May and we have a possible recording opportunity at WICA, and a definite at WICA on May 22nd with Libana, from Boston.  That’s also the day of Penn Cove Water Festival, but I can’t be in two places at once.  Maybe you could try that one?

June has a big event for KWPA.  The radio drama day is June 5th and we’ll need all sorts of help.

It’s at Fort Casey, with an afternoon and an evening performance. There will be four small radio plays, complete with 1950s style adverts, and it’s a fund raiser for KWPA.  So we need you there  helping or in the audience.  We need all your friends and neighbors and relatives there too.  This is a time to call in all those favors and use that blackmail material you’ve been saving for a rainy day.  Or maybe not.  This will be such fun that they’ll be giving you a very hard time if you let them miss it.  More info soon.

Also in June, and again at For Casey, another KWPA fundraiser, this time a concert on the 19th by Carolann Ames. She’ll be at the studio for a live interview at 5pm on the 18th.

Into July, and a unique event for KWPA.  The farm where we have our transmitter is celebrating 100 years of farming by the same family.  They’re having a big celebration up there on July 17th, involving the Ebey preserve, 4H and various others.  There will be music, food, and educational talks and tours.  It’s all at an early planning stage but it promises to be quite a day  And since it’s right next door to our transmitter, it gives us an opportunity to do our first live outside broadcast.  There’s a small technical challenge there, but we do need a team there to do some interviews, find information for the broadcast, and help publicize KWPA.  Can you help?

And after that we have the WHidbey Island Music Festival, the Bluegrass Festival at Meerkerk, the County Fair, Whidbey island Highland Games, and all the other items in the crowded Whidbey Island calendar. Remember, this island is a goldmine for a radio station, so go dig or pan or whatever it is that gold miners do these days.

OK.  So get out the diary.  Now.  Write those dates in, and see which ones you can get to. Come and see what’s involved in recording a performance.  Or come and do an interview with the performer, or some audience members.  Come along and see if what ‘s being done gives you some other idea for a KWPA program.

Or keep working on your own program idea.

Keep thinking programs.

Tom Laurenson
Director of Programs
Whidbey Public Radio


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