Picture this

Hi there

Picture the scene.

It’s a bright and brisk summer’s day, with a steady breeze from the west to take the edge off the heat,  Penn Cove,  is filled with a cloud of sails as yachts jockey for position, crowd round buoys, and go spanking along close hauled.  Cries of “Mast Abeam”, “Ready About” and “Throw me a Beer” drift ashore to perplex the listener unversed in nautical terminology.

Indeed the whole scene is one of confusion and complexity, until you listen in to KWPA.  An informed commentator teases out which yachts are the locals, which are from Seattle or Canada, or even further afield.  The voice untangles the different classes of yachts so that you know which set are which, and focusses you attention on overtaking manoeuvers, the rounding of buoys, possible protests, opportunistic tactics, and the race pattern, so that you begin to make sense of it all.

And begin to enjoy it.

It’s Race Week, 18 – 23 July, and it could all happen if we had that voice.  The studio is a superb vantage point from which to do that commentary, but we need that knowledgeable voice.  We’ve been trying to contact the Oak Harbor Yacht Club people to  get one, but without success so far.  Can you help here?

It’s another piece of radio that only KWPA could or would undertake, and another example of the way in which KWPA can help with the effort of marketing Whidbey Island as a destination.  It’s not that we are owned or operated by the hospitality pr catering industries, or by anyone else, or that we have any particular remit to serve in this way, but the fact is that a radio station which focusses on it’s community rather than trying to be yet another jukebox automatically becomes of value to those industries.

Where else in this land could you hear a local radio station putting out material such as Musselfest, the Murder Mystery Weekend, or the Jingle Run?  And if you happen to be listening in Idaho, or Florida, or Germany, might that not make you give a thought to being there too to join in the fun, just as you do when you see reports on other events on more conventional radio or tv?

So if you know of a suitable yachting voice, please grab it and drag it along.  We can stow it in the attic space above the showers on Coupeville Wharf until we need it.

Keep thinking programs



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