A little update on progress, and a reminder

Progress. All is going well for the radio drama on June 12th.  If you’re already involved – thanks.  If not, please tell/invite/bring all your friends.  This is a big fund raiser for us, and we need those seats to be filled.

The KWPA microphone will be at WICA on Friday evening for the Rural Characters.  The program will be in the schedule a week or two later.

The Saratoga Chamber Orchestra is playing again next week, and the KWPA microphone (or more accurately the one on loan to us from Kirk Francis) hopes to be there.

Talking of Kirk, the latest of his Roots Music series will be in the schedule by tonight.  Please have a listen to it.  I’ve already mentioned the series to some as a good example of how to take a personal enthusiasm and make an interesting radio program from it. His topic this time is Boogie, and you have to catch the last couple of minutes.  Very unexpected, and very inventive.

Next week the KWPA microphone is back at WICA for Libana.

We really could use some technical help in the Coupeville area.  If you are, or know of a radio ham, please twist an arm.  We need someone who can, from time to time, take a wander over to the transmitter to make sure all is well.  We can do certain checks remotely, especially when the piece of kit that came back last week is fully operational again, but we really need someone close at hand who can drop in from time to time to make other checks, and who is technically savvy enough to recognize and rectify a few problems.

The reminder is threefold.

Unless you’re off to America at the time, June 12th should be in your calendar.

Mary Rose Anderson starts her live program next week at 12.15, shortly after Gwen Sam.

And of course, keep thinking programs.

Tom Laurenson
Director of Programs
Whidbey Public Radio


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