Radio play, booths at events, learn recording, race week

Hi there

This summer we’ll be working on some changes to the system so that you get more regular updates, but we’ll always have KWPA in the subject line, and you’ll get an announcement before the big change happens.  You shouldn’t have to change your spam filters.

The Radio Plays are to be repeated due to popular demand.  August 28th at South Whidbey High School Auditorium.   Tickets are available on line via the KWPA website now, and will be soon at various places around the south end.

Watch out for a KWPA table if you’re at this weekend’s Loganberry Festival at Greenbank Farm.  Tickets will be there too.

If you’re interested in recording, July 28th at 6pm at my place for a look at how to do tackle common recording challenges.

At the weekend we did two hours live form the Muzall Farm centenary event.  Gwen Sam did a great job out and about with a portable recorder, while I endured the company of the barn attic rat and the baleful glare of an abandoned bird’s nest to do the technical side of it.  We’ll have some of it repackaged and on the air next week.

Yesterday we did the first of three days of live commentary on the yacht races in Penn Cove.  It was a longer day of races than expected but we covered it from noon to 2.15.  Craig Cooley is our marine expert, and performed from the KWPA Commentary Booth, which some folks mistook for a perch atop a stepladder.  We’re back again today and tomorrow.

While there I managed to clean up the off air signal a little, so the distortion is greatly reduced.  Still more to be done though.

The big news is a change of studio.  We still have some details to work out, but in early September we expect to be able to move to new and larger premises in Coupeville.   There will be a decent amount of space for live programs and studio guests.  It’ll be easier to get to and more accessible to the public.

Pencils or electronic calendars out please.  The tentative date for the move is September 4th, and we’ll need some help in the day or two before to move in furniture and arrange some wiring, and then on the 4th (or whatever date is confirmed) to move the equipment.   Full details to follow.

Keep smiling, and keep thinking programs.



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