KWPA news. Please read and reply with subject line KWPA list if necessary.

Hi there

This is the last message of this type. We’re moving fast on a new and better process of keeping you up to date with what’s happening in KWPA.

Essentially, we’ll be using the website, the KWPA Facebook page, and an email manager.

Information on the KWPA news page will automatically roll over to the Facebook page. Eventually – it takes a while.

The email manager will allow us to be more selective with messages. If you are a KWPA Board member, a supporter/underwriter, or a KWPA member, you’ll get emails as of right.

Anyone else needs to give us permission to add you to our list. The two categories we have at present are KWPA fan, and KWPA broadcaster.

If you just want to be kept in touch in a general way, please let me know that you just want to be a fan.

if you’re a broadcaster (a select and far too small category at present) I already know you but please confirm that you want to be on the email list. If you aim to become one, please let me know that too.

Before long I may also add a category for technical people who can help with outside broadcasts, operating the studio, etc, but you’ll get notice of that before we do it.

It’s going to help me a great deal if you can put KWPA list in the subject line. That means I can set a filter to collect them instead of having to do it myself.

Hope all that makes sense. If you have questions, just send them in.

Many thanks, and keep thinking programs.

Tom Laurenson
Director of Programs
Whidbey Public Radio


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