KWPA update

We have the keys to the new premises!

Some planning to do on layout, and we have some furniture available thanks to some timely donations. We’ll need to improve the electrics a little to avoid a spaghetti of wiring, but otherwise the space is ready. Interested in helping to move furniture and generally help? Please get in touch. We don’t have a moving in date yet, but we’ll let you know when we do.

Did the live commentary on the yacht racing on Penn Cove last month, and this month we’re in the middle of the Whidbey Island Music festival. Program 3 is tonight (Aug 6) at St Augustine’s in Freeland and the KWPA microphone is there.

Had an interesting conversation the other week with a Whidbey resident who had just heard of KWPA. Kept asking why we didn’t do this or that, and I kept explaining that it was because nobody had come forward to do it. After a few questions I could see enlightenment spread across his face like the dawn on a soft summer’s day. ‘You mean nothing happens unless people step up up to do it?’ ‘Yes’

We have a number of people looking for a workshop on editing, so how about Monday 23rd August. Bayview area again.

Keep smiling, and keep thinking programs.



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