Some people have all the luck

The Muzall Farm celebration of 100 years of farming was an excellent event. Lots to do and people to talk to.

Or at least Gwen Sam had lots to do and people to talk to. I was doing the technical thing. I sat on my own for most of the time. Up in the attic of a barn. Even the barn rat had gone off somewhere in search of some company.

And every so often Gwen would arrive back with a memory card full of conversations for me to download into the system. You’ll be able to hear it all for yourself, very soon.

Even tonight, the technical team are consigned to the uncomfortable seats at the edge. We’re recording one of four performances as part of the Whidbey Island Music Festival. There are comfortable seats to be had, but not for us techies. But at least I’m cozy and dry, which is something.

Of course there are times when standing out in the open, mike in hand is wonderful. On one occasion I recorded a steam train going by. Two engines coupled together to get over a hill, and the two were slightly out of synchronization, making a wonderful rhythmic chuffing noise in the warm afternoon sunshine. Another time I stood out on a headland while one of the few remaining spitfires cavorted overhead as part of a ceremony to remember airmen lost in Word War 2.

And you get to go places you might not get to otherwise. Backstage here, an attic there, an occasional basement. And it’s not always outside. Editing is usually somewhere warm and dry with lots of coffee and comfortable chairs.

But it’s always good fun, and if that sort of thing appeals to you, why not come along to KWPA and join in.

We could use your help.



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