Isle of the Arts – Rebroadcast of LAURIE McLEAN – Literary Agent

This requested rebroadcast of Whidbey Air’s Isle of the Arts with Mary Rose Anderson – covers e-publishing, the new age of the author being in charge of their own promotion, production and publishing of material books and e-books.  We received so many requests for a rebroadcasting of this show – we thought Presidents Day was a good day to do it – in hopes many are NOT at work and are home to listen.

“To me it’s the best time to be an author”.  Laurie McLean

LISTEN on this LINK show starts at 1:15pm PST. And will go on the KWPA website as a podcast March 1st.

Laurie McLean is an agent at Larsen Pomada Literary Agents in San Francisco. She represents adult genre fiction (romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, westerns, mystery, suspense, thrillers, etc.) as well as children’s middle grade and young adult books.

For more than 20 years Laurie ran an eponymous public relations agency in California’s Silicon Valley. She is wise in the ways of marketing and publicity, negotiation, editing and a host of other business-critical areas. She is also a novelist herself, so she can empathize with the author’s journey to and through publication.

FOR LATER LISTENING – IOALaurieMcCleanLitAgent0113_12


2 responses to “Isle of the Arts – Rebroadcast of LAURIE McLEAN – Literary Agent

  1. Hi Gwen,
    Greetings from Portland Oregon.
    What wonderful music you play!!! And I love your program. I am a new listener and I will be tuned in every chance I get to hear your show. I want to be in your fan club!
    With a song in my heart
    Jean (Cynthia’s Mom)

    • WOW – thanks Jean! What fun to know you are listening! We have so many folks off island who listen. Former residents, family members of current residents, people who have visited here before and love our island. So glad you tuned in.

      Show is Monday – Tuesday and Wednesday 5pm-8pm pacific standard time.


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