Perry Woodfin’s DEBUT on Whidbey AIR

Hello Listeners,

Local Whidbey artist, and writer, Perry Woodfin, has been working on production of his new Whidbey AIR show Adult Content.  It’s been exciting and fun to have Perry contributing to our community generated content on Whidbey AIR. As per the title of his show, the best we can say is – don’t judge a show by its title.  During Adult Content Perry reads his original writings, accompanied by his choice of music, and not a vulgarity in sight.

This first edition includes a short story, When the Dust Settles, and two poems, Master Mind and Tracking Me.  Below is a note from Perry concerning this piece.

LISTEN Adult Content with Perry Woodfin – When the Dust Settles and 2 Poems

“My father, Don Woodfin, was a very resourceful man. He would use every opportunity to invent tools and was a real master of all trades. While living on Vashon Island he met and became friends with Betty McDonald and her husband. Betty MacDonald was the author of “The Egg and I”, among many other creations. Betty and her husband hired my dad to build a barn for them on their property. That barn is now on the National Historic Register as being considered historically relevant. Betty and her husband and my father and mother had many good times together until she died of cancer. “When the Dust Settled” is a story about my father and the type of character that he was; always positive always looking forward. I believe that’s why Betty liked my father. She possessed that same type of personality. All of her characters showed that.”  —– Perry Woodfin 


AND !!! there’s a little surprise at the end of Perry’s show from Whidbey AIR host Annie Zeller Horton.  – Enjoy.  And thank you for supporting community generated public radio on Whidbey Island.


7 responses to “Perry Woodfin’s DEBUT on Whidbey AIR

  1. Perry Woodfin is our new Betty MacDonald fan club honor member because so many fans from all over the world enjoy his art and outstanding book
    Smoke and Dust.


    Linde Lund

  2. lauraj.bohm

    My language cannot describe the sheer pleasure of listening to Perry read his works…it is followed by his superb taste in jazz…he never ceases to amaze me with his multi-talented creativity .a sincere, admiring NY fan.

    • We’re so glad you liked it ! Perry and Gwen (his engineer) have been having a blast in the studio.
      Thanks again Laura.

  3. Reading Perry Woodfin’s poems and stories is like visiting beautiful Northwest and Whidbey Island.

    Many Betty MacDonald fan club fans from all over the world have the same feelings.

    Perry Woodfin’s unforgettable father Don Woodfin shared his fascinating memories with Betty club.

    Like his father Perry Woodfin is a master and we all know that he is an excellent artist and writer.

    All the best for Perry Woodfin’s radio show!

    Warm regards,

    Linde Lund

    • Thanks so much for the comment Linde. We’re really enjoying having Perry in the station. Besides being a great artist and
      writer – he’s a lot of fun to hang out with.
      Thanks again

  4. Perry Woodfin is an outstanding artist, poet and writer.

    We had the great honor and joy to meet Perry Woodfin’s father Don Woodfin.
    We won’t ever forget Don Woodfin because he was full of strength and optimism.

    Don Woodfin had a fascinating life and was a gifted story teller with a golden heart. We could unterstand very well that Don was a very good friend of Betty and Don MacDonald.

    Don Woodfin was very proud of his children – especially of Perry Woodfin.

    We understand the reason why.

    Betty MacDonald fans from all over the world enjoy Perry Woodfin’s brilliant Betty MacDonald poem and his book and artwork..

    Perry Woodfin’s stories and poems are magical and my family, friends and I are devoted fans.

    Good luck with the radio show.

    We wish Perry Woolfin many listerners because he really deserves it.

    We are there because we like Perry Woodfin’s poem and stories so much.


    Wolfgang Hampel

    • Thank you for the comment Wolfgang. It’s a real pleasure to work with Perry at the station.
      Look forward to many more. FYI – we passed your comment on to Perry !
      Thanks again

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