Kim Tinuviel on Isle of the Arts



u487579768-53Synethesia is a condition of the sensory brain where a person can actually hear color. Kim Tinuviel has this condition.  Synethesia has profoundly influenced both Kim’s work as photographer and as a classically trained musician. Tinuviel is a graduate of the famous Juliard school for talented musical performers. During this interview Isle co-hosts Mary Rose Anderson and Annie Zeller Horton experiment with trying to hear colors while listening to some of Kim’s music.

Listen here > Isle of the Arts Kim Tinuviel Dec 4_2012

In this interview Kim also shares information about her photography and her upcoming show ChromoAlchemy.
Kim Tinuviel Art BoothThe influence of time and the elements on surface and color is the basis for the photographic series ChromoAlchemy, which is showing at Galeria Chiropractica in Bayview on Whidbey Island, December 2012 through January 2013. While the composition of each of these abstract and impressionistic images originates from some everyday object or other, that original source may no longer be obvious. Indeed, the viewer is encouraged to look beyond the literal and bring his or her own perception to the interpretation, thereby rendering the source object irrelevant. The title of the series, ChromoAlchemy is derived from the Greek, chromo (khroma: color) and alchemy (chumeia: mixture).
Each piece takes its name from elements, objects and deities of the ancient Greek language and culture. I am the chromo-alchemist, mixing a bit of organic decay with some beautiful light, or a lovely natural line with a touch of oxidized color. Completely in-camera, I conjure the extraordinary from the ordinary and the magic from the mundane. Images are not digitally altered except to lightly color-correct, expose or sharpen, and then only with the intent of restoring the original vision. By carefully mixing the elements of contrast, texture, dimension and motion, each composition in the ChromoAlchemy series is magically revealed.
Photo album of Kim’s Chromo Alchemy images >Kim Tinuviel’s ChromoAlchemy 
Among her musicianship and art work Kim is also involved in the online art magazine >Whidbey Life Magazine.  Along with Jan Shannon, Sue Taves and Patricia Duff, Kim provides marketing support to this valuable resource for artists and art lovers on Whidbey.
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