Whidbey AIR & Home Connections Radio Lab Class and KIRO’s Rachel Belle

HC Radio KIRO Belle

Whidbey AIR has been assisting the Home Connections School in Oak Harbor with a radio lab class again this semester, and oh what fun!    It is our 2nd year working with Home Connections.

Adding some spice to the class this year,  Home Connections teacher Kelly Hall contacted KIRO Radio’s Rachel Belle and asked her to come to Home Connections to share with our students what it’s like to be a “real” radio host.   In her usual bubbly fashion Rachel agreed !

December 14th – Rachel came to the Home Connections campus in Oak Harbor, held an assembly for the students, showed them some of the equipment she uses to record and produce her show, and answered student questions about who, what, why and how she became a radio personality, produces her shows and find ideas for her subjects.

Then they all loaded up into parents cars and mini vans and headed to the Whidbey AIR studio for an on air LIVE interview with Rachel.

If you missed that interview it will be available again in Feb. IN conjunction with the Home Connections radio show “Home Connections Radio Magazine” – stay tuned.

If you have a kid who’s interested in recording, radio, music or hosting a show – contact us at feedback@kwparadio.org and we’ll set up a meeting time to help your young broadcaster what it takes to get involved with Whidbey AIR.


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