Synesthesia: Where Art and Science Meet

Listen to the audio recorded during this fascinating event “Synesthesia – Where Art and Science Meet” held on Jan. 24th at the opening of Whidbey Artist Kim Tinuviel’s show at Galleria Chiropractica in Langley.

Thanks to Dan Germano of Whidbey Video for supporting Whidbey AIR with his recorded audio.

LISTEN >Synesthesia Where Art & Science Meet with Whidbey Artist Kim Tinuviel & Dr. Craig Weiner at the Galleria Chiropractica – Recorded 1/24/2013


Kim Tinuviel, Tinuviel Creative 

photography • encaustics • mixed media

Kim Tinuviel’s artwork reflects the abstract textures and colors of her everyday world. She artfully orchestrates a complex interplay of cameras, computers, traditional art-making processes and found objects to create her distinct imagery, and prefers to work in three dimensions, or expand the depth of her two-dimensional work. Alternative surfaces and processes such as printing and painting on metal and stone are of particular interest. Kim’s singular artistic goal is to find the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Listen to Kim talk with Mary Rose Anderson and Annie Zeller Horton on their Whidbey AIR show Isle of the Arts.  Click the link below.

>Kim Tinuviel on Whidbey AIR’s Isle of the Arts – Dec 4_2012


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