Another episode of a Whidbey AIR production is in the can

securedownloadWe’re plugging along with new shows and hosts at Whidbey AIR with 5 new shows in production.  Whidbey AIR programs are produced, recorded and edited by Whidbey island residents, local yokels making radio for your enjoyment.

perry-woodfin-squareOne of those shows, Perry Woodfin’s Adult Content, has another show “in the can” (that’s professional radio talk for done)!

Reading his original short stories and poems, followed by his commentary on impetuous and inspiration and accompanied with music, you’ll feel like you’re having a burger with Perry at some cool Whidbey restaurant or coffee shop, while listening to Perry read his work.

Open, honest, funny and poignant, Perry’s literary work, like his paintings, are taken from life.    If you can keep from relating – we’ll be surprised.

During each hour long show Perry reads an original short story and a couple (or more) of his poems.  In this show Perry reads his story Waiting for Fame, and two poems, Seeing Stars and Clean Underwear.

Per the title of Perry’s show, Adult Content, we assure you there is no vulgarity or inappropriate content, in our opinion. But, before sending your pre-schooler or preacher the link have a listen.  You be the judge, and let us know what you think by commenting on this blog post.  We look forward to hearing from you.

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to this episode, of Adult Content with host Perry Woodfin.  Click the title of this show below.

>Seeing Stars while Waiting for Fame in Clean Underwear

NOTE: Perry’s show will go into rotation soon – our policy is 6 (at least) “in the can” – till then – share this listen on demand audio file. 

Support Whidbey AIR by going to our Membership page.  Choose your value and help us continue to create public radio on Whidbey.  To become a sponsor email us at  Perry’s show Adult Content is available for sponsorship if you like.

2 responses to “Another episode of a Whidbey AIR production is in the can

  1. lauraj.bohm

    Plllleeeease can I be Jane to your Tarzan…? ? ? love Ljb

  2. Perry’s Tarzan and Superman make me feel like pinning a towel around my neck and running around the house a couple of times, it’s great Radio.

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