Local Businesses Support Whidbey’s public community generated streaming radio station

Whidbey AIR’s 1st Annual Isle of the Arts Visits Vaudeville show at Click Music, March 24th, was a HIT!  

 MANY thanks from the Whidbey AIR volunteer Board of Directors to Click Music, our performers, providers and hosts!  Your support of public community generated streaming radio on Whidbey is very much appreciated! 

The station would not be here without YOU! 

Link to specific people and places throughout this “blog of praise”.  

It was a ruckus good time at Click Music in Oak Harbor on Sunday March 24th for the 1st annual Whidbey AIR Isle of the Arts “Visit to Vaudeville”

Under the care of Producer Mary Rose Anderson and Director Annie Zeller Horton, co-hosts of Whidbey AIR’s Isle of the Arts show – a fantastic collection of talent was put together for this fun and well attended show.

406803_622650281085882_573070727_nWith a packed house, Master of Ceremonies Rear Admiral Ret. Bill McDaniel looked a dapper vaudevillian in his tuxedo.  A career military officer, doctor of Orthopedics, and one of the former stars of the reality TV series “The Mole”  Bill took the mic with the command of a true military professional and welcomed the crowd with his excitement and humor. The way any true leader would grab the attention of their troops.

After welcoming remarks, Bill brought sidekick and accordionist David Locke to the mic and they began pulling the laughs out of the audience with their stand up comedy routine.  This routine continued, hilariously, between acts throughout the show. Sidekick – David Locke is the parish musician of St. Augustine in the Woods Episcopal Church and a member of the Whidbey Island Orchestra’s

Picture 6To kick off the show Bill welcomed Helen Chatifield-Weeks to the stage to lead the audience in a rousing cheer to set the mood for an exciting and fun day of entertainment.  Helen Chatifield-Weeks, an 85 year young, life loving woman shares her joy for life and her community is Whidbey’s number one cheerleader.  You can see more about Helen by clicking her photo and watching a youtube video of her in action as a happy community focused cheerleader.

Coming up on the heels of Whidbey’s #1 Cheerleader Helen Chatifield-Weeks were Tap Dancers Mike Garon and Kaitlyn McClimainsboth Oak Harbor High School students, performers and actors. Kaitlyn is a musician, dancer and actor with many awards and performances to her name on Whidbey. She’s received a full ride scholarship to the Washington Music Educators Association All-State performing groups and has performed many times on Whidbey stages.  Likewise Mike can often be seen performing on Whidbey stages, acting in local dramatic and comedic productions.   True to form they tapped their way into the hearts of our audience.

MuseandEye“Visit Vaudeville” then welcomed Russell Clepper and Sarah Dial Primrose for more fantastic music and singing from these two Whidbey stalwarts of music, composition and storytelling.  Calling their duo “The Muse and Eye”, Russell and Sarah can always pull an audience in and fill them with their wonderful spirit of music, humor and devotion to entertainment. Find out more about Russell and Sarah by clicking on their picture.  Russell and Sarah can often be found playing at the Bayview Market, Mo’s Pub and numerous venues around the Pacific Northwest, US, and Canada. 

A man with two hats David Locke then went from emcee sidekick to singular performer by coming onstage with his accordian.  An accomplished musician and regular Whidbey performer David’s playing was the envy of several audience members who’d put their accordians in the closet decades ago.  With the ease of the air in his bellows David squeezed out the greatest of sound, and the impressed audience couldn’t help but clap for a prolonged applause at the end.


In keeping with David’s high bar standard, Oak Harbor High School choir director Darren McCoy then came on stage and sang Fly me to the Moon.  Darren could not have done this song any better.  A famous standard, Fly me to the Moon, was enhanced by Darren’s rendition and no audience member failed to give him a show stopping amount of applause.  Another talented Whidbey resident Darren can often be seen acting and singing on the stages of Whidbey.

Picture 8As if that wasn’t enough Bill and David then welcomed belly dancer Gwendolyn Wallick and guitarist Lowell Sipes on stage for a performance of classical guitar accompanied belly dancing. Lowell, a North Whidbey Middle School art teacher, artist and guitar player and Gwendolyn (his wife) entranced the audience with their sublime performance.

Sweetie Duffee 001-1Then, Sweetie Duffee, a known associate of and admirer of Patricia Duff and Whidbey Life Magazine took the stage and proceeded to inform the audience about the treasure trove of information to be found by going to whidbeylifemagazine.org in the funniest live infomercial you’ve ever seen.  Her side kick was Siri Bardarson, who could hardly keep a straight face while Sweetie led her through the hilarious bit.  Whidbey Life Magazine is a partnering organization of Whidbey AIR; and we could not be happier with our association.

380314_569783583039219_1430836153_nFollowing Sweetie, Siri then stunned the audience with her singing and playing of her electric cello.  Most have not seen an electric cello in real life, and what better person to introduce them to this amazing instrument but Siri Bardarson.  From a family of musicians, Siri is a classically trained musician, and comes from a vastly talented family.  Her work is hailed across the island and as per her usual caliber she had the audience spellbound.   You can see Siri play with her sister Karin, from another concert,  by clicking on her picture.

MeredithReichmannTo end the 1st act of the show, singer Meredith Reichmann brought on a soulful version of Summertime.  Meredith began singing and performing in top community choirs at the young age of seven years. In high school, she sang in top state choirs and at every regional singing exhibition. She holds her Bachelor of Arts degree in General Music with a Performance Certificate in Voice and a second Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and is the Choir Teacher at Oak Harbor Christian School.

In case you were wondering while reading this, there are no bad reviews attached to this show.  We may be prejudiced, but it’s all sincere and true!

428327_531415670210020_1897461684_nDuring a brief intermission, where audience members had available to them the delicious baked goods and coffee of Kakie’s Bakery, everyone was happily strolling around Click Music enjoying their treats, coffee and chatting with performers and each other.  Several Oak Harbor Choir members continued to entertain the audience as they rehearsed their upcoming song choice.  Kakies Bakery, located at 800 Pioneer  in Oak Harbor is a homespun bakery devoted to providing customers with delicious baked goods, cakes, tarts, wedding cakes and other delicious food for a wide range of tastes.  Click their name or picture (their picture with THE GALLOPING GOURMET) for more information about Kakie’s (pronounced like the pants).

Picture 9Returning to their seats after intermission the audience was again entertained by our MC, a man of many talents, Ret. Rear Admiral Bill McDaniel and David Locke, as they leaded up to introduce Honky Tonk singer Jack Hubbart.  In the true spirit of honky tonk Jack is an all American singer and guitar player.  His style and voice soothed the audience into a sentimental and toe tapping all American tradition of music.

image_normalFollowing Jack and switching musical gears, singer Heather Good was then announced by Bill and David, after some of their comedic banter, to sing the iconic Gypsy Rose Lee song “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”.  Heather is a certified physician assistant (PA-C), currently practicing at WhidbeyIsland Internal Medicine, where she provides a broad range of diagnostic services and clinical care for adults of any age.  Aside from her professional life in medicine Heather is a trained singer and actress with a powerfully beautiful voice.  Her performance was lauded by the audience in a barrage of cheers.

carolDancing in on the heels of Heather, Carol Sele and her dancing partner bounded on the stage to RazzL and dazzle the crowd with a real vaudeville singing and dance routine.  Carol is founder of Unsize Me, and RazzL Dance Fitness a dance company teaching dance moves from the 1920’s on.  Everyone can be a start at RazzL Dance Fitness and Carol sure was a star at our show!

Moving on with our fawning review, the next entertainment up was more hilarity from MC Bill McDaniel and David Locke, followed by another wonderful performance by Siri Bardarson, playing Rare Blue Moon to a very happy audience.

After Siri’s applause subsided, Mary Rose Anderson of Isle of the Arts then addressed the audience, giving her thanks to the audience for their financial support and to the performers for their in-kind donations of place, food, time and talent.  She then invited people to contact Whidbey AIR at feedback@kwparadio.org and get involved with the station through volunteerism, and sponsor and memberships.

securedownloadUpon entrance to Click Music and the Vaudeville Show, each audience member received a special “Vaudeville Moustache on a Stick” designed and donated by Amy Carpenter of AAC Design (a new Whidbey Island graphic design firm) with a raffle number on the back entering the holder in a “Visit Vaudeville” drawing for prizes provided by much appreciated Whidbey AIR supporters. Pictured are Whidbey AIR volunteer hosts and board members, Kathy Baxter and Gwen Samelson, who were exempt from winning the prizes. 

With happy prize winners presented with their boon, it was time for the big finale.

To ease the audience toward the finale, 12 students from the Oak Harbor High School Choir, under the direction of Darren McCoy, harmonized and mesmerized the entire room with Rui Rui Chiu a famous 16th century chant.  OHHS choir is a fine choir and we could not have been more excited to have them perform at the show.  And it appeared our audience appreciated them as much as we did, judging from their loud applause.

Then emcee Rear Admiral Ret. Bill McDaniel thanked everyone for coming, and then introduced Meredith Reichmann and Heather Good for the show’s finale.  Singing Flower Deut from the opera Lakme, by Leo Delibes, Heather and Meredith ended the show in tour de force form with their amazing voices and received a standing ovation.


After the show people enjoyed complimenting and visiting with the performers, sharing favorite parts of the show with each other and perusing Click’s selection of musical instruments and supplies.


to those who produced for, gave and supported the show.  We could not have done it without you.  

Graphic artist Amy Carpenter of AAC Design for her design work, time and labor for all marketing materials. 

Katrina Riddle of MJC Copies in Coupeville for printing of marketing materials.

Whidbey Market Place News for running Visits Vaudeville’s poster on the front page of the paper.  THANKS ERIC!!! 

Richard Littke and Russ Lamb for sound and recording. 

Jim Dunn donated  funds for printing. 

William Bell of Local Grown gave $25 gift certificate

Kathy Baxter donated wine for gift basket.

Christopher’s on Whidbey donated a $50 gift certificate for dinner for two.

Habor Gifts and Kayak Rental donated $40 toward two single Kayak rentals for an hour each.

Carol Sele for her donations of a free message, a pleasant day for two in Coupeville, and a free Hot Yoga Lesson at her new facility in Oak Harbor 

Jenny Bean Coffee for organic, locally roasted coffee donation.

Kathleen Dodge-Dehaven donated her pin cushion art inspired by her years as a origami artist.  

Mark J. Hanley, donated funds for gas to haul chairs.

Christa Mott and her 4-year-old son Ben (dressed as Captain America) put up countless posters promoting the event.

 St. Mary’s Catholic Mission Church, Pacific Northwest Arts School, United Methodist and Grace Community Church  donated the use of their chairs.  

 Siri Bardarson wrote the song about Blue Moon just for this show, where it premiered. 

Whidbey AIR would like to thank Mary Rose and Annie for producing and directing this fantastic show, for the benefit of the station.   

We’ve had nothing but compliments about this show thanks to mary rose & annie  

NOTE: Director Annie Zeller Horton did a fine job of momentarily entertaining the audience with stellar magic tricks, that she will perform at the slightest provocation, during a musical glitch.  Once the glitch was repaired, Ms. Zeller-Horton was removed from the stage. 

2 responses to “Local Businesses Support Whidbey’s public community generated streaming radio station

  1. Meredith Reichman

    Is there a recording of our performance? I can’t find it on the website. I was hoping to send my family a link so they could hear.

    • Hi Meredith,

      We sent on your request to Mary Rose and the audio guys. It should be soon. !!

      GREAT SHOW! Lots of praise from all the audience !

      Whidbey AIR Volunteer

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