Spring Operations Fund Raising

May 2013

Dear Friend of WhidbeyAIR Public Radio,

Thank you for your generous past support of Whidbey’s all-Internet public radio station.  With continued contributions from you and many others, our little all-volunteer station continues to stream the sounds and voices of Whidbey Island 24 hours a day through our web site, WhidbeyAIR.org.

Caelian Roan, Host of Cead Mil Failte (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes) is all thumbs up for new members and sponsors during our Spring 2013 Campaign

Caelian Roan, Host of Cead Mil Failte (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes) is all thumbs up for new members and sponsors during our Spring 2013 Campaign

We’ve come a very long way since we launched WhidbeyAIR five years ago as KWPA, a low-power FM station that could be heard only by a few hundred people around Coupeville.  Last year, we told you that dramatic changes in broadcasting and Internet technology made us decide that the best, most affordable way for us to continue providing non-commercial Whidbey-centric programming was to join the burgeoning ranks of Internet-only radio stations and discontinue the low-power FM broadcast.  Today, WhidbeyAIR is heard by people everywhere, from Clinton to Deception Pass and all around the world!  All you need is a computer, a smart phone, a tablet, a TV with Internet access, an Internet radio receiver, or—coming very soon—a car equipped with Internet radio capability! 

We’re writing you today because we urgently need your help during our Spring Awareness and Support Campaign in May and June.  Although Internet radio is much more economical to produce than traditional, over-the-air radio, and although we are an all-volunteer station and nobody gets paid, it still costs a lot of money to keep WhidbeyAIR going.   Our biggest expenses are studio rent, music licensing, utilities and insurance. That’s why we have set a fundraising goal of $15,000 for 2013 in order to maintain and grow our programming and technical capabilities. Thus far this year, we have raised $3,540 – so that means we still have a long way to go to reach our goal.

If you have already donated in 2013, thank you!  If not, here’s how you can help.  Mail us a check to WhidbeyAIR, P.O. Box 1341, Coupeville, WA 98239.  Or donate by credit card using PayPal.  Go to WhidbeyAIR.org, click on “Member Support” under the How to Support heading, then click donate.  It’s simple!  Suggested levels of support include:

  • Buy us a latte for $5 or more.  Any amount is appreciated!
  • Sponsor us for a day: $30-$199.  (We’ll give you an on-air shout-out!)
  • Sponsor us for a week:  $200-$999.  (A shout-out each day for seven days!)
  • Sponsor us for a month:  $1,000 or more.  (A shout-out each day for 30 days!)

Special bonus:  Those who donate $75 or more may choose to receive a CD recording of our rollicking, old-fashioned vaudeville show featuring all-Whidbey talent, recorded live in Oak Harbor on March 24.  (WhidbeyAIR is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.)  

What does your support of WhidbeyAIR accomplish?  It helps us continue to add dozens of hours of local cultural and informational programming of, by and for the people of Whidbey Island – and their friends everywhere.  As you know, we are the radio home of concerts by our wonderful Saratoga Orchestra and Mary Rose Anderson’s “Isle of the Arts” weekly showcase for Whidbey artists of all kinds and so much more.  In the past several months, we have added these wonderful new programs, among others:

  • Cead Mil Failte (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes).  Host Caelian Roan spins great local and worldwide Celtic music to get you in the mood to sing and dance.  Noon to 3 p.m. Saturdays, sponsored by Windjammer Gallery, 22 Front Street, Coupeville.
  • From the Crate.  Host J. Christopher grabs at random from his collection of vinyl, 45s, cassettes and CDs.  He expounds on the pop culture going on at the time each tune was recorded.  Sundays 3 p.m., Mondays 4 a.m. and Fridays 10 p.m.
  • Healthwaves.  Dr. Thom Rogers shares the science, theories and practices of naturally based health care, medicine and treatment.  Wednesdays 7:30 p.m.
  • Spirit Talks.  Host Kathy Baxter, an ordained lightworker, metaphysician and ceremonialist, shares conversations with people about matters of the spirit.  Thursdays 4 p.m.
  • Songs Come Down.  Host Art Durand shares Native American storytelling and music.  Art has been performing and storytelling for 30 years.  Wednesdays at 6pm.
  • SeculaRadio.  Host Tom Smith shares is views on Separation of Church and State issues.  Mondays 7pm.
  • Other shows coming soon include Adult Content, featuring original stories and poetry by Whidbey artist and writer Perry Woodfin; Arco Iris, a world music show hosted by South Whidbey High School student Donia Kashkooli; and Random Acts of Reading, featuring Greenbank resident and actress Annie Zeller Horton reading poetry, literature and other tidbits she finds touching, fun or interesting.

And, of course, in between our programs you’re likely to hear recordings of many of Whidbey’s best musicians, playing all kinds of music from classical to jazz to rock and much more.

Host Tom Smith of SeculaRadio says thanks for supporting Whidbey AIR.  Tom's show airs on Monday's at 7pm.

Host Tom Smith of SeculaRadio says thanks for supporting Whidbey AIR. 

We hope you agree that WhidbeyAIR Public Radio fills a real need by supporting all our communities on this island – a need not being met by any other on-air or online medium.  But we can only continue to fill that need if you support us now!  The economic downturn of recent years has hurt us, as it has many charitable organizations.  Without your help now, we face the real possibility of shutting down our operations.

Many people on Whidbey have asked about the potential of Internet radio and how it will serve our communities on the island.  So, to help you better understand Internet radio, we invite you to the first of several Town Hall forums we’re hosting to demonstrate how easy it is to listen to WhidbeyAIR and to discuss the great potential it offers to show off the best of Whidbey Island to world.  Please join us for this free, informative gathering on Thursday, May 30 at 7 p.m. in the Coupeville Public Library and bring your friends!  No need to RSVP.

Thanks again for your past support.  Can we count on your help to keep us going?


Your WhidbeyAIR Public Radio Board of Directors

Kathy Baxter, President

Jim Dunn, Vice President

Gwen Samelson,  Secretary

Harry Anderson, Treasurer

Mary Rose Anderson

Annie Zeller Horton

Rear Admiral William J. McDaniel, U.S. Navy (retired)


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