Travel to Ethiopia without leaving Whidbey

Negist Josette

Language Academy founder Josette Hendrix and Ethiopian Journalist Nigist Selfu during Ethiopian Fireside Chat & Coffee Ceremony

Whidbey residents can travel the world without leaving the island, through the international events and classes held year round at Langley’s the Northwest Language Academy and Cultural Center.

WhidbeyAIR was fortunate to attend one of 3 events and classes based on Ethiopia in April 2013.

We hope you enjoy this special recording, from the opening night fireside chat at the Northwest Language Academy and Cultural Center.

>Ethiopia Listen

NW Language Academy & Cultural Center, is located in Langley, providing innovative resources for people of all ages to learn new languages and better understand diverse cultures as community becomes global.

Ethiopian Cookbook

Ethiopian Cookbook Available through NWLA Cultural Center

NWLA is focused on creating opportunities for the residents of Whidbey to become residents of the larger, global community. Through the study of languages, cultural enrichment and foreign travel, we preserve and honor diversity while building bridges of understanding and appreciation between people of different cultures. In this way we will contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious global community and a richer local one.

NWLA Cultural Center | 5023 Langley Rd., Langley, WA 98260 –   Ph. 360-321-2101

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