Lee Anne Savage shares her CD To The N9nes

1011892_537326626304731_1689548291_nAs a composer and singer, what do you do when you’ve reached a block on writing and finishing songs?  You rent a house with a grand piano, a great view of the Saratoga Pass and Mount Baker, and come to Whidbey Island.

That’s what Lee Anne Savage did this summer, and WhidbeyAIR was lucky enough to get her into the studio.

Visiting Whidbey from Tucson, LeeAnne came into the WhidbeyAIR studio to share her thoughts, inspirations and songs from her new CD To The N9nes.

Southern Arizona’s Sassiest Songstress, LeeAnne’s rockin’ country pop vocal styling, strong story telling, unique melodies and energetic stage presence has helped her develop a huge underground, very dedicated following!  Even on Whidbey Island!

LISTEN to Lee Anne >LeeAnne Savage To The N9nes

THANKS for coming into the studio Lee Anne!  It was a great time!  Look forward to seeing you on Whidbey again soon!


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