Songs Come Down ~ Music and First Nation Language

We’ve had some requests for information about some of the music and First Nations language pieces Art Durand shares on his show Songs Come Down.   On this the eve of Thanksgiving, Art and WhidbeyAIR are happy to share some of the CD’s Art plays on the show with you.

journeyofthespirit4Ambient music on Songs Come Down provided by flutist Paul Che oke’ten Wagner from his CD Journey of the Spirit.  His debut album – Journey of the Spirit received the Just Plain Folks Music Award for Best Album in 2009. To purchase this CD directly from Paul Che oke’ten Wagner >click here

1121231For millennia, shamans have made regular journeys to geographical “power sites” to commune with spirit beings, receive guidance through visions, and perform ritual ceremonies of healing and renewal on behalf of their tribal communities. This new offering by The Native Flute Ensemble, which includes  as one of its members, reflects upon three such “power sites” where medicine people gather — the Black Hills, Canyon de Chelly, and Atitlan in Guatemala. Some tracks impart the spaciousness of open mesas where thunder beings dance in the skies above huge rock formations and impart their life-giving gift of rain. Others depict the solitude of remote vision-quest sites sacred to Sioux tribes or mysterious ancient ruins. Spotlighting the delicate voice of the cedar flute, The Ensemble deploys its sizable arsenal of assorted percussion as well as its trademark use of droning and shimmering synthesizers. ~ Backroads Music/Heartbeats Personnel: Eric Casillas (percussion). Recording information: Blue Cat Studio, San Antonio, TX; Elephant Tracks Studio, San Antonio, TX. To Purchase this CD click >here

When-the-Humans-Thought-They-were-PeopleArt often shares works by Grandmother Vi Hilbert.  This album is a collection of songs and stories of the Samish People. The stories are all told in the ancient Samish Language and the songs sung in Samish then translated to English. The Samish originally lived in the San Juan Islands and the Anacortes area of western Washington state. The two artists are Vi Hilbert language keeper of the greater Puget sound region and Johnny Moses. Both are world famous story tellers. One of the many qualities of Johnny’s talents is he is hysterically funny. This is demonstrated on the Bratty girl story. An excellent album for all ages. To purchase this CD click >here

Our-Beloved-AncestorsThis album comes with a strict instruction from the two ancestors, Vi Hilbert and Bruce Miller who spoke to us with a constant wisdom. Both Vi and Bruce were well known for the extraordinary wisdom and a forever voice of cultural leadership. The two elders said they wanted all people to listen to these three messages in a place of silence with out interruption. They were deliberately chosen to guide the non native with a understanding of the origin of the Native American of the Pacific Northwest. As Quoted by Vi ” We are not Indians, We are the first People of this land.” Plus a ancestral story about team work titled lifting the sky. Then Bruce delivers one of his greatest messages ever spoken. This is a thirty nine minute message of the original creation. How we received the right to be on the top of the food chain. Bruce Miller said this very important story, titled The Legend of Sla-Hal is specifically targeted to his own people. The values of living life with balance and respect for all creatures including us humans. Three messages from highly revered elders of the greater Seattle region and neighboring areas. All delivered in extraordinary story’s.  Vi said to truly receive the messages in these three stories you may need to listen to then as many as ten times. To purchase this CD click >here

Bearman-and-Ant-LadyThis album begins with a song from Johnny’s family. It is a song, sung for North west cost Potlatch gatherings. It is sung in the Nuuchanhnulth language and translated into English. Then followed with Johnny’s most favorite traditional stories. Bear Man and Ant Lady is the cover story that he usually opens with at story telling events. Johnny has an uncanny ability to have you laughing out of control and then touch the deepest place of your heart. The opening song has a message of gathering the tears. The tears of sorrow, the tears of joy. All of this is called the sacred water. This album is excellent for all age’s. To purchase this CD click >here



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