WhidbeyAIR Keeps Growing

WhidbeyAIR would like to THANK our members and sponsors for their support throughout 2013.  


Your generous support has kept KWPA WhidbeyAIR  growing

Through your contributions we’ve added 6 shows to our schedule, recorded many more local events and have new volunteer hosts and engineers in training.  We’ve also been able to rehab a couple of donated computers for engineering, editing and producer training purposes, and completed some important purchases and improvements in studio and recording equipment.

Micheal Nutt

KWPA Founder Micheal Nutt

Conceived in 2006, granted non-profit 501(c)3 status by the IRS in 2008 KWPA WhidbeyAIR is an all volunteer community organization committed to continuing the ideal of the late Micheal Nutt, one of our founders, to provide a place and the people to record and produce the sounds of Whidbey for the whole island to hear.  Whether recording an event somewhere on the island, or from our “Michael Nutt Studio” we are making it work for Whidbey. Thanks to you!

Take a look at the assorted countries our listenership has come from in the last 30 days – Nov 16th to Dec 16th 2013

1228 people listened to WhidbeyAIR – all due to your member and sponsorship support! 

Picture 6

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From Clinton to Deception Pass WhidbeyAIR is a far cry from the station that could only be heard in a 6 mile, spotty, radius around central Whidbey just a year and a half ago as a FCC governed low power FM station.  NOW island residents, former residents, visitors, family and friends can listen to Whidbey any time day or night from anywhere – on or off island.  From their home, car, work, even in our wonderful Whidbey camp grounds (so said a studio visitor this summer), WhidbeyAIR goes anywhere from the Michael Nutt Studio on Whidbey Island.

People are enjoying, and interested in, what’s airing through WhidbeyAIR.  Our timed listenership in the last 30 days – Nov 16th to Dec 16th 2013 – shows a 39% improvement from this time last year.  

In the last 30 days – 117 listeners held for 30 mins – 353 listeners held for an hour – 111 listeners held for up to 4 hours & 16 people for longer than 4 hours.  Positive growth! 

Picture 1

THANKS TO OUR MEMBERS and SPONSORS for helping us to grow our listening times and to increase our content through our public access studio and equipment. 

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Picture-5NOTE: There has been a common question from several listeners about our non-FCC (Federal Communications Commission) status.  DO we need to continue to pay music licensing fees to the music industry?  Yes. Streaming radio IS required to pay licensing fees to all 3 music industry licensing entities (logos pictured).  These fees are paid through our member/sponsor contributions and allow us to play, record and air, any music, musical event and festivals on Whidbey.   THANKS to your contributions we maintained these licenses, as well our rent for the WhidbeyAIR Michael Nutt Studio, our utilities and upgrades of systems and equipment throughout 2013.

DownloadedFileNote: Stepping away from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allowed WhidbeyAIR to put valuable time & money into improvements at the KWPA WhidbeyAIR studio.  Improvements, allowed through the absorbed cost and time savings of no longer maintaining a transmitter (that only served 6 miles of the island) have allowed us to improve our systems and our equipment, increased our volunteer hosted show and recording force, membership and listenership a hundred fold!   It was a carefully thought out decision by our all volunteer board of directors and the right way for our non-profit 501(c)3 station to go. 




Please consider an end of the year contribution to set the stage for more WhidbeyAIR growth in 2014.  We have 2 new hosts in training and several great local Whidbey musician shows in the planning and production stages for 2014. 

Help create more WhidbeyAIR – Renew or become a member now – click >here

In the last 16 months WhidbeyAir added 6 shows to our schedule

securedownloadLIVE Saturday’s 4 to 6pm – “el Arco Iris” with Host Donia Kashkooli – Music from all genres brought to you by Donia Kashkooli, a So. Whidbey High School student with an outrageously broad appreciation of music. Live from WhidbeyAIR’s Michael Nutt Studio – no podcasts at this time.

photo-23Saturday’s LIVE – Noon to 3pm – Cead Mil Falithe’ with Host Caelian Ro’an. The very best in traditional and contemporary Celtic Music.  It’s not your grandfather’s celtic music – it’s  Celtitude from Whidbey’s forty shades of green.  Live from WhidbeyAIR’s Michael Nutt Studio – no podcasts at this time.

perry-woodfinSaturday’s 10pm – Adult Content with Host Perry Woodfin.   Original stories and poems by Perry Woodfin.  Perry’s stories and poems are informed by his life, his art, and his observations of himself, people and cultures in America and the world, interwoven with his choice of music.  Recorded in WhidbeyAIR’s Michael Nutt Studio weekly. Visit the Adult Content program page for weekly re-air times >here.  Perry also does occasional interviews. Visit the Adult Content podcast page to listen to past shows >here.

securedownloadMonday’s 7pm – SeculaRadio with Host Tom Smith –  National, federal, state, county and civil news surrounding the pursuit of secularism and the separation of Church and State.  Recorded in WhidbeyAIR’s Michael Nutt Studio weekly.    Visit the SeculaRadio program page for weekly re-air times >here.  Visit SeculaRadio podcast page to listen to past shows >here.  

NOTE: SeculaRadio received the most press in 2013. SeculaRadio host Tom Smith was contacted by Seattle’s KING 5 (see picture – Host Tom Smith – left, with KING5 crew) to be interviewed for their regional piece on the issue of whether or not the Oak Harbor City Council should open their meetings with a Christian prayer.  A hot debate on Whidbey.  He was also featured in a Whidbey News Times article titled “Radio Station Promotes Peaceful Debate” about his interview with Oak Harbor Pastor Tim Geist.  Whidbey News Article >here.  — Audio interview with Oak Harbor Pastor Tim Geist concerning prayer in government and other secular and non-secular issues – in Spring of 2013 – Listen >here

SeculaRadio is “an opinion show”.  The opinions expressed by Tom Smith or his guests, do not represent the opinions of WhidbeyAIR, it’s board, other volunteers, hosts, sponsors or members. Opinion show hosts are required to disclaim top and bottom of every show at WhidbeyAIR.  

WhidbeyAIR is public radio – the public is welcome to develop and train for their own opinion show provided they disclaim.  Contact us at feedback at kwparadio dot org

artLIVE – Wednesday’s 6pmSongs Come Down with Host Art Durand – Native American Storytelling, music and cultural education.  In 1986-87, Art hosted the White Mouse Radio Hour on Radio station KKUP FM in Cupertino, CA.  In 1999-2004, Art hosted the two hour weekly radio program “Turtle Island” on KZSC FM in Santa Cruz, CA.  Now he’s on WhidbeyAIR.    Live from WhidbeyAIR’s Michael Nutt Studio.  Visit the Songs Come Down Program page >here.  — Visit Songs Come Down podcast page to listen to past shows >here


Wednesday’s 7:30pm – HealthWaves with Host Dr. Thom Rogers. Recorded in the Michael Nutt Studio weekly. Join Whidbey Naturopath Dr. Thom Rogers as he shares the science, theories and practices of nature based health care, medicine and treatment. Dr. Rogers brings over a decade of clinical practice and experience to his show Health Waves.   Recorded in WhidbeyAIR’s Michael Nutt Studio.  Visit the HealthWaves Podcast page to listen to past shows >here.

NOTE: Information provided on Health Waves is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  You should not use information from HealthWaves or Dr. Rogers to diagnose, treat or otherwise advise yourself or others on health care matters.   Should any of the symptoms described on Health Waves sound familiar to you or mirror what you are feeling, consult a licensed qualified healthcare provider.  If you have or suspect you have an urgent medical problem, promptly contact a licensed professional healthcare provider.  


Help us continue growing WhidbeyAIR’s local content from the Michael Nutt Studio or out in the field from all over Whidbey. We have a lot in the works for 2014.

We have not reached our 2013 fundraising goal – but with tighter belts we’ve kept current with our licenses, rent, utilities, and upgrades on systems and equipment.  

HELP us push that goal closer with your contribution today.


From $5 to $50, to $500 – choose your contribution. here is an affordable way for you to support this community resource.   


donations-cashKWPA WhidbeyAIR assures you, donor and sponsorship dollars go exclusively pay for music licensing fees, rent for our public access recording studio, recording equipment that can be checked out by the public, broadcast training for youth and adults, utilities, and upgrades of systems for public access programming.  No one at WhidbeyAIR is financially compensated.

 Contribute an amount of your choice – to help WhidbeyAIR keep growing & fullfill our 2014 goals



thank you

Whidbey AIR logo 20130513 180x124KWPA WhidbeyAIR is always looking for new volunteers, hosts and content for the station.  If you’d like to learn more about having a show or contributing to a show. Contact us at feedback at kwparadio dot org.


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