Richard Heller Blueprints

book“Our experiences breed what we become,” says Richard Heller. In his book, “Blueprints,” Heller has produced an extremely honest and courageous search for significance in his life and like all books we find meaning in, I found myself reflected on his pages. Maybe in drawing us in, Heller makes us co-conspirators. As he says, “The art we create remembers our name.” Very accessible, it’s one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while.

In this fully engaging and lively discussion, you get to discover along with me, who Richard Heller is.  -Perry Scott Woodfin

photo 2As a writer, Richard Heller’s subject matter is diverse, ranging from poetry to technical writing for the horse industry. As a sculptor, his bronze works are as varied as his writing, from a holocaust survivor to a series of wolves. Throughout this time, he has built things, including his own home in the Hollywood Hills.

Heller was born in Los Angeles and now lives in Washington State.

Richard has spent most of his life on horseback, skis, bike, or on foot in California’s High Sierras, Alaska, Mexico and recently the Highlands of Scotland. He worked as a farrier and blacksmith for thirty-five years.



Find out more about Richard Heller’s book Blueprints >here

Through the generosity of the author a portion of the purchase price of Blueprints will be donated to WhidbeyAIR.


Picture 7Perry Woodfin’s “Passage


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