WhidbeyAir’s Teen Voices

Introducing Words of Youth from the Rock of Whidbey


“Words of Youth From the Rock of Whidbey” is a radio series developed, written and produced by middle and high school students on Whidbey Island in Washington state.

Positive Vibrations Host Desirae

Words of Youth began as a way to include guests, visitors and friends of WhidbeyAir’s show Positive Vibrations, hosted by Whidbey Youth Radio participant Desirae, in the radio process without them having to produce their own show.

Thanks to Positive Vibrations host Desirae and her engineer Lexi for embracing this project, scouting out the participants, and helping each of them through the process.

Words of Youth participants Delaney (far left), Heather (right) and Lexi (foreground).

Words of Youth is part of the 3 year old Youth Radio Lab Program at WhidbeyAir. Participants, with permission from their legal guardians, come to the Micheal Nutt (founder) Studio at WhidbeyAir once a week to design, write, record and develop each episode of Words of Youth.

The first Words of Youth episode “Inspiration” is a collective effort by everyone involved, and includes support from several of WhidbeyAir’s adult volunteers.

Each participant worked hard to make this episode the best it can be.  In the future many more episodes will be produced by the Words of Youth on the Rock of Whidbey team.

WAIR WOY Donia and Knight

WhidbeyAir would like to thank all of the parents and guardians of our Words of Youth participants for their permissions, and for bringing their kids to and from the WhidbeyAir studio for writing and production meetings.

Kids today have very full schedules. With only an hour and a half, to two hours, per week to spare working on this project it’s amazing what these kids have come up with.

At the bottom of this post you’ll see the listen link to hear the Words of Youth’s first episode “Inspiration”, but before you get there enjoy the following photos of the Words of Youth team in action in the Michael Nutt Studio at WhidbeyAir.

photo (51)

photo (52)

photo (31)

And now ENJOY the first episode of Words of Youth from the Rock of Whidbey.

WAIR WOY Listen Image


bouncingballs.gifWhidbeyAir is all volunteer streaming radio from Whidbey Island Washington.  To support WhidbeyAir go to our support page.  Your support helps to keep our studio open to the public and provides a safe, warm and productive place for the teenagers you heard in the Words of Youth from the Rock of Whidbey’s Inspiration episode.  NO ONE is paid at WhidbeyAir.  Our contributions go to music licensing fees, rent, utilities, misc equipment needs and some minor PR for the station.  We’re close to the bone and need your support.   Thank you!



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