Get Involved

with all volunteer DJ’s, hosts, engineers, roving reporters & window washers ~ Public radio is alive & growing on Whidbey.

The simplest form of programing is a music program.  You’ll bring in your CD’s, or use some from our library to create one, two or three hour shows of music.  Your show can be a particular genre or your favorite assortment. Such a program can include mentions of the artists, song details (when it was composed, etc.) your connections to a song, shout outs to local and world wide people you’d like to play songs for, and/or your commentary on the music.

When thinking of a particular genre (jazz, classical, rock, blues, country, etc.,) music show – a host could, for example, develop a show around a specific artist or style, present and explain how musical ideas are transferred and developed int hat genra, or just explain what is enjoyable or interesting to you about particular tracks.

For those who are interested in hosting a talk show, there are lots of subjects and formats to choose from.   Informational, Cultural, Social, Educational are all formats you might be interested in.  Talk shows take a bit more time to develop and produce, but are important and enjoyable.

Program producers should be aware that as a non commercial radio station, there are rules about advertising. The most basic of these is that there can be no direct inducement to buy. (For example we can say that a band performs regularly somewhere, but we can’t say where they are playing tonight. We CAN, although, ask the artist where they are playing and have THEM say “we’re here at this time”).  Station sponsors and underwriters can and should be acknowledged, as can the help of an organization to assisting in our hosting a show, etc.  (e.g. a meeting room provided for a recorded discussion, a performer who donated CDs, etc.).

There are things you’ll learn about producing your own show, and it does require some commitment.  But, it’s fun commitment, and we’re flexible too.  You can have a once a month show, twice a month show, once a week or once every two weeks.  You can also email us and request an interview for your upcoming event, or project.  We are happy to feature local community, church, group, organization and business events, when we can get a representative into the studio to talk about it.  You can also sponsor a show and benefit from air time and community networking through the station.

Over the years many volunteers have helped to develop Whidbey AIR.  Michael Nutt, of Saratoga Orchestra fame, was the original spark and angel of KWPA.  We are grateful for his efforts, and the efforts of all those who have helped to secure our studio, our equipment, and our growth.

Join in the fun of local radio !  Or just buy us a latte (all funds raised go directly to support the studio, no-one is paid at Whidbey AIR – so your latte spending will not actually be spent on a latte – but it may be spent on a portion of our utilities, a mic cord or stamps.)

Interested potential volunteers should contact us at


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