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perry-woodfinWhidbeyAIR’s Adult Content air Saturday at 10pm (Pacific Time)


phone-lpPerry is an artist who’s been capturing island life in his paintings and writings since 1965.

During Adult Content Perry reads his short stories and poems, accompanied by Perry’s favorite music and assorted sounds. Like his painting, his writing mirrors Whidbey and “Island Life” and in a larger context, life as an American experience. His stories present current culture from an adult standpoint. The title of the show should give you some idea of what it is about; the serious, tragic, memorial and comical pitfalls of and adult life.  Perry also does occasional interviews with friends and artist’s who live on or visit the island.

Sometimes Perry’s art and writing exhibits the combination of both the visual and verbal.

Picture 2

His painting pictured here is titled “Anacortes Fuel” and he has written directly onto the painting in his own handwriting, the following poem which expresses his belief that as he states, “Romance keeps us going, so it’s a fuel too”:

I catch fire while dreaming.

Sparks fly.

Then only poetry remains.


I travel even as the price of gas rises.

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