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Adult Content with Artist & Writer Perry Woodfin

Perry Woodfin is a writer and visual artist living on Whidbey Island.  Perry’s show Adult Content is a short story, poetry and music show.

Archived shows air on every Saturday @ 10pm

Current: Perry is on sabbatical while he guts and renovates his Penn Cove home.  We now refer to him as Carpenter Perry.

Enjoy his shows during air times listed above or by listening to a podcast at your leisure.  

Adult Content Podcasts- Click one to Listen:

Story: Race Like the Devil

Story: Hearing People – Poem: Tied To

Story: Famous – Poems: Egg and Me and Admiralty Head

Story: The Selfies

Story: Two Tales of Travel

Story: Winter in the Heart

INTERVIEW: Architect Terry LeDesky

Story: The Death Business – Poems: Vicissitude and Dead Ringer

Story: To Be Wanted – Poem: Pensive

INTERVIEW: Poet Linda Beeman

INTERVIEW: Techie and Medical Marijuana Advocate Capt’n Blynd

INTERVIEW: Artist and Author Richard Heller

INTERVIEW: Screen Writer Trish Gannon

Story: One Out Of Many – Poem: Sore Spot + BONUS STORY Western Justice

Story: You Can’t Sleep Here – Poem: Lap Of Luxury

Story: Not Wanting to See – 3 Poems

Story: Bobbing Poem: Playing

INTERVIEW: Writer Judy Blankenship – Our House in the Clouds

INTERVIEW: Writer Chuck Kramer

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Story: Surrounded by Animals –  3 Poems

Tribute: Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson – Note: Lou Reed Died Oct 27th, 2013

Story: September – 3 Poems

Story: Babel – Poems: Our Dust Is So Close to Greatness and Norway

Story: Switched – 3 Poems 

Story: Drawing Blood – Poems: Destiny of Questions and Cut Throat Education.

Parts of Perry’s Life Through Music

Story: Outsiderness – Poems: Taking the World by Storm and Advice for Future Artists

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Story: Walking Advertisment

Musical Compositions Perry wants to share with listeners

Story: Stop and Go – Poems: Easy Street, Nothing, & Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Story: Prize Fight – Poems: How to Wrestle with Yourself & The Odyessy

INTERVIEW: Painter and journal artist Don Getz

Story: Red Cloud Poems: You Speak My Language & Childs Play

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Story: Professional Courtesy –  Poems: Word That Escapes, Admiralty Inlet & Norway

Story: Castle Poems: Hot Air, Night Rain & A Letter

Story: The Spaghetti IncidentPoems: Night Hawks, Bugged & Wrestle

Story: When the Dust SettlePoems: Tracking Me & Mastermind   NOTE – This show is followed by a short story by Susan Jensen.

Story: Having to Wait for Fame – Poems: Seeing Stars & Clean Underwear

Story: Diminishment – Poems: Know it Alls & You Know

Adult Content is written by Perry Woodfin. 

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