Healthwaves Podcast

Listen to Naturopath Dr. Thom Rogers as he shares the science, theories and practices of nature based health care, medicine and treatment in the Whidbey AIR podcasts linked below.  Dr. Rogers brings over a decade of clinical practice and experience to his show Health Waves.

Health Waves airs Wednesday at 7:30pm PST

Click on the title below to listen on demand

>Acupuncture with Susan Frosolone

>Environmental Allergies

>Healthy Carbohydrates in the Diet

>HCG Weight Loss Protocol

>Neurofeedback with Dr. Sal Barba ~ Healthwaves

>Hypnotherapy with Lisa Lamont



>How to calm the nervous system

>Chiropactor Dr Nate Steele

>Metabolic Syndrome

>Seasonal Affective Disorder ~ SAD

>Food Allergy




>Adrenals pt II

>Adrenals Pt I

>Dr. Alicia Capsey N.D. ~ Women ~ Hormone Health

>Hypothyroidism pt II

>Hypothyroidism pt I


>Vitamin D


Information provided by Dr. Rogers on Whidbey AIR’s Healthwaves is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, likewise it does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship with any listener.  You should not use the information you hear on this show to diagnose, treat or otherwise advise yourself or others.   Should any of the symptoms described on Healthwaves sound familiar to you, or mirror what you are feeling, consult a licensed qualified healthcare provider.  If you have or suspect you have an urgent medical problem, promptly contact a licensed professional healthcare provider or your local hospital’s emergency room. 

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