HonkFest West

The WhidbeyAir studio almost took off into space when 3 rather large brass bands converged on our gangway and then the studio.  Tight squeeze, it was, and so much fun!

photo (66)

The bands were in our area for the Greenbank Farm segment of HonkFest Northwest.

HonkFest is a music festival, but it’s also a movement, a philosophy, a way of life. Like music movements before it, Honkers entertain, educate, travel, promote world peace, small farming, and the kind of hippy values so many of us grew up with.

Think large groups of people making music and promoting good will are a thing of the past? Fear not, there’s a bunch of professional musicians continuing on our hippy legacy and they’re doing it better than we did.  HONK, HONK!

In audience attendance were the likes of Whidbey’s Shifty Sailors members, other notorious and famous Whidbey musicians, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.  A good time was had by all!

The concert was organized by HonkFest Northwest organizer and Click Music employee David Stern, and Greenbank Farm’s Event Coordinator Madisun Clark-Stern.  Cheers around their ears!!!

After a day of bands and dancing concert goers were treated to a musical procession, ending in a sunset serenade at the farm’s highest point.

The following day David and Madisun brought a caravan of bands to our WhidbeyAir studio in Coupeville, and more good times ensued.  Lucky you!
photo (65)

LISTEN to the ENTIRE Studio Visit. David and Madisun with 3 bands!  Single band segments in separate band sections below. 

Download Entire Studio HONK 3 Final 1hr 44 mins

Needless to say it was a full house.  3 bands in all came to the studio.  While one played the other two perused the wharf and entertained residents and visitors in Coupeville.   We had a blast!  Thanks to everyone who worked and traveled to make this happen.  We now know our studio can HONK!


10612848_886301511442628_1453015623741706654_nStarting off the WhidbeyAir studio “day of brass and sass” was Junkadelic from Perth Australia.   Here they are (above) on the ferry heading from Mulkiteo to Clinton.


Accomplished musicians and entertainers, the Junkadelic Brass Band hails from the city of Perth, while in our studio Junkadelic shared their unique and eclectic sweet melodic sound, which is a blend of street rhythms, Jazz – New Orleans style, funk grooves, hip-hop, dashed with a Latin flavour and infused with a 1960s, 1970s influence.

The Junkadelic Brass Band is more of an experience than a show!

Providing anything from a roving brass funk street show – to a parade performance – to a full blown stage show – to interactive workshop performances including dance,rhythm and instrument making – after which the audience become the stars of the show!

Musically blending street rhythms with – New Orleans style blues – Funk grooves – Latin flavours and hip-hop, the band is full of surprises – not the least of which is the awesome beats and rhythms from the recycled percussion section!

CLICK IT MATE and LISTEN to Junkadelic from Perth, Australia!

Download WhidbeyAir’s Junkadelic Segment




The next band in our studio was Samb A More from Arcata, California.

Samb A More was established in 2008 in Arcata, California and celebrates community and the self expression of Brazilian dance and drum scene.

Facilitated and Directed by Jesse Jonathon, a Humboldt State University Music and Dance graduate, the sound and presentation of the ensemble has matured and seasoned throughout the years while the performance style has grown and expanded greatly. Now consisting of drums, horns, steel pans and Brazilian style dancers, sambAmore leads parades, concerts, workshops and parties of any occasion.

Truly a celebration, sight and sound to behold, SambAmore creates an atmosphere of joy, fun, high energy and inescapable rhythm with every performance.

They have performed at notable festivals throughout the West Coast of the U.S. including HonkFest West, Organic Planet, Benbow Summer Arts & Music Fest, Washington Brewers Fest, Freemont Solstice Fair and have shared the stage with internationally renowned acts such as Seun Kuti, Groundation and Yogoman Burning Band.

 CLICK IT and LISTEN to Samb A More

Download Samb A More from Arcata California



The final band into our postage stamp studio was Environmental Encroachment from Chicago, Illinois.  Without their instruments they serenaded us acapella.

A performance art group Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses a marching band, costumes and antics to create a unique form of entertainment to be enjoyed by all ages.

Acoustic and mobile (like all the bands) EE borrows its inspiration from a diverse set of folk music traditions such as New Orleans second line brass bands, European Klezmer, Balkan and Romani music, Brazilian Afro Bloc and Frevo traditions, as well as the passion and spirit of Mardi Gras and Carnival.

Performances include stage shows, parades, weddings, funerals, historical re-enactments, children’s shows, holiday theme parties, street busking, second-line processions, festivals, performance workshops, rituals, marching band flags/color guard, circus sideshows, music for burlesque, birthdays, coronations, proms, vaudevillian skits, and synchronized swimming with sousaphones.

Environmental Encroachment’s first official ‘show’ was on New Year’s Eve Day, December 31st, 1994, with playground installations and live music interactions below Chicago’s 18th Street bridge.

CLICK IT and LISTEN to Environmental Encroachment

Download Environmental Encroachment


THANKS TO David Stern of Click Music and HonkFestNW, Madisun Clark-Stern of Greenbank Farm, and all three bands for proving our studio can handle anything!

Connect to the HonkFest site for more.  2016 dates will be announced when dates have been secured.



WhidbeyAir is an all volunteer public access recording studio and world wide stream located on Whidbey Island in Washington state, USA.  We operate as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and rely on listener and sponsor support to maintain our studio and stream.  To sponsor or make a contribution visit our support page.


WhidbeyAir pays ASCAP, SESAC and BMI music licensing fees and is in good standing with our licenses.  These licenses are a major part of our annual overhead, and keep us out of music industry hot-water.






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