Isle of Arts Podcasts

WhidbeyAir went silent in Dec of 2015.  

Read more about the closing of WhidbeyAir on the Main Page. 

The files on this page will no longer be available after Dec 31st 2015.

Download the ones you’d like to keep in your private collection today.

To download click on a title and save to your own computer. 

> Lion in Winter – Whidbey Playhouse

> Godspell After Show Pt. 2 – Whidbey Playhouse

> Godspell After Show Pt. 1 – Whidbey Playhouse

> Godspell Interview – Whidbey Playhouse

> Rose Woods – Island Shakespeare Festival Founder

> Darren McCoy – Singer, pianist, Oak Harbor High School Choir Director

> Suzzanne Kelman – Screenwriter

> June Shellene – Musician, Songwriter, Singer

> Mary Donnaty – Fiber Artist, Paradise Found Fabric Farm

> Richard King – Poet & Songwriter

> “Puget Sound Whales for Sale” author Sandra Pollard and Orca Network’s Howard Garrett – Marine Mammal Activists

> Andrea Hurst – Writer

> Marcus Raymond – Performance Artist

> Nermak Black – Rap Spoken Word Artist

> Allan Ament – Writer, Learn To Float

> Jim and Betty Lightner – Musicians – Harbor Lights

>Lenita Sheridan – Writer

> Steve DeHaven and Eli Westin – Musicians

> Piper Reva – Performance Artist

>Northwest Institute of Literary Arts

> Island Arts Council

> Benson King

> Gina Marie Mammano – Writer, Poet, New WhidbeyAir show host

> Saqra and Gwen -Belly Dancers 

> Bob Antone – Multi Media Artist

> TerryPersun – Writer

> MarthaMcCartney – Artist, Poet & Candle Maker

> Three Fiber Artists

> Bill McDaniel – Ret. Rear Admiral, MD, and author of the book Faces of The Tsunami

> Bev Heising – Musician & Whidbey Distillery owner 2/2014

> Lowell Sipes – Singer and Song Writer

> Oak Harbor High School Wildcat TV

> Gina Mammano-Vander Kam – Artist, Poet & Spoken Word Performer

> Renda Bell Dodge – Founder of Pink Fish Press

Rob Harrison

> Rick Lawler – Photograher & Author

> WIWA Celebrate Writing Contest – 4 Winners of the 2014 Whidbey Island Writers Association – Celebrate Writing Contest for Students

>Al Benson – Musician, folk singer and story teller

> Judy Feldman – Executive Director of Greenbank Farm

> Mokihana Calizar Mokihana – Author “Safety Pin Cafe

> Penny Claire Holland – Author

> COPAS – Coupeville Performing Arts Series – Founders Interview

> Dorothy Read – Author of “End of Silence” 

> Terry and Nicole Persun – Authors – Father & Daughter

> Karin Blaine – Musician

> Siri Bardarson – Musician

> Jim Castaneda – Musician & member of the band Woodrush

> Mare Chapman – Author of “Covert Ops License 2 Chill”

> Russell Clepper and Sarah Dial Primrose – Musicians

> Beverly Heising – Musician – CD “Zephyr”

> Cindy Hurn – Author – Book “No Buddy Left Behind”

> Laurie McClean – Literary Agent

> Author David Michael – Celtic Harpist Musician and Author

> Chef Gordon Stewart & Kaycee Connally – Owners of Gordon’s On Blueberry Hill

> Sue Taves & Robbie Lobell – Artists

> Claire Acorde – Whidbey Boat Festival

> Kim Tinuviel – Artist & Musician

> Jill Reed – Iconograher – Iconography/Iconology

BOOK – Getting to the Waters Edge on Whidbey & Camano Islands




12 responses to “Isle of Arts Podcasts

  1. I definitely will keep sharing the link. Several listeners have told me they can’t get to the end. It quits at about 50 minutes.

  2. Thanks, Bob Andrews, for the kind words!

  3. Bob Andrews

    Hello Penny,
    I keep on learning because of you. What a great interview. Now I must put
    Whidbey Air on my favorites.
    Bob Andrews

  4. Thank you a million times! I am so eager now to get this link to my friends who have been begging to hear it. I’ll put it on my ADOPTION OF BORIS FaceBook page!

  5. Hi Mary Rose or Gwen,

    When will the Isle of the Arts show with the COPAS group be on Podcast?

    Thanks so much,

    • Penny Holland

      Hi Mary Rose,

      I see all the links to your podcasts but have NEVER been able to find my hour long interview on your podcast list. Did it get lost or just never put into a podcast? Best, Penny

      • Hi Penny – you’re up


        WhidbeyAIR volunteer

      • Penny Holland

        Hi Mary,

        I was cleaning out my email box the other day and came across this one below. It occurred to me that you might not be keeping my podcast online forever and so I asked my computer guru if he could help me make a copy of my radio interview onto a CD or even onto my computer. He tried and then wrote me tonight saying that perhaps the file is corrupt because he can only get about 50 minutes of it, then it stops. Several other people have noted the same problem. He asked me to see if there was some way I could obtain or make a copy from the radio station.

        Any ideas?

        I ALMOST made it to Just Write today. I’ve not been there for several weeks do to several out of town trips and the next two weeks are no exception. Maybe by September I’ll be back on the wharf on Wednesdays.

        Hope to see you soon. Best, Penny

      • Hi Penny,

        NO PLANS to remove audio files. In fact we just added more space on the site.

        Keep sharing the link.

        Don’t know why your guy could only get 50mins.

        We appreciate folks driving listener to the station, hence please keep sharing the link.

  6. hello Mary Rose, when will our interview on Iconography/ Iconology be aired as a ‘Pod cast’ ?

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