Music Performances on Whidbey Island


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Island Orchestras
Recorded by KWPA at South Whidbey High School
Shantyfest 2011 Featuring the Rural Characters
Shantyfest 2011 Featuring the Rural Characters Recorded at Greenbank Farm
Libana at WICA

Libana at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts
Libana is an internationally renowned global music ensemble that leads its audiences on a profound and scintillating journey through the music and dance of Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and beyond.
Find them on their websiteRecorded by KWPA at WICA, Langley.
Billy Stoops
Billy Stoops at Mukilteo Coffee Roasters. Recorded by KWPA, December 2009
Young Artists 2010
Soloists Wyatt Homola and Tera Applegate, with the Saratoga Chamber Orchestra. Recorded by KWPA on March 21st. 2010
Rural Characters 09
Whidbey Island’s Rural Characters in Concert Recorded by Greg Garbarino at Mukilteo Coffee Roasters
One Song For Langley
An open mike event Langley Park August 09, recorded for KWPA
Olga Symphony
Benefit Concert for Beach Watchers

4 responses to “Music Performances on Whidbey Island

  1. Allen Schuster

    Hello KWPARadio. Two strangers from San Francisco fell into your trance. WE stumbled on your Vaudeville extravaganza and were thoroughly delighted. Was it recorded? Can we grab a listen on your site? Somewhere? So sweeet!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Allen Thanks so much!!!! We had such a blast putting the show together. We’re waiting to receive the audio back from the PA guys. Should be any day now. Please sign up for email updates on our blog page.

      CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH for coming to the show. We’re glad we could entertain you. Come back to Whidbey soon!

  2. where is Dance and Dream with Dianna?

    • HI Christina – Dianna will be on tonight at 7pm !! Yippy! We don’t put new shows in rotation or on the site till the host has been here for 10 weeks. DIANNA will be here and her stuff will be loaded for podcast very soon! – stream in tonight for Dianna 7pm ! We’ll let her know you asked about her !

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