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SR IMAGESeculaRadio has moved.

SeculaRadio first aired on WhidbeyAir.  WhidbeyAir has gone silent and SeculaRadio now podcasts from

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HNPS_logoBIG THANKS to Humanists of North Puget Sound who sponsored this show while it was on WhidbeyAir.

Tom has listeners all over the USA and world.

WhidbeyAir went silent in Dec of 2015.  

WhidbeyAir was a public access station.  They were all volunteer and community supported and did not play favorites with show hosts and volunteers.  WhidbeyAir went silent in Dec of 2015.  It was a fun and interesting run for close to 10 years. 7 as a low power FM station and 4 as an all streaming station.  WhidbeyAir thanks all the volunteers, donors, sponsors and listeners who made it a wonderful experience.

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These files will be unavailable after Dec 31st 2015.  Down load one, two, five or all of them today.  

>SR114 Australian Singer Songwriter Shelley Segal pt 2

>SR113 Australian Singer Songwriter Shelley Segal pt 1

SR112 Texas Crazy

>SR111 Monumental News

>SR110 More Nones

>SR109 Change of Heart

>SR108 Brevard Invocations

>SR107 Right Reaction

>SR106 The Law of the Land

>SR105 Both Ways

>SR104 Letter From An Atheist

>SR103 The Original Motto

>SR102 Pulpit Culprits

>SR101 Laugh Track

>SR100 Why is SeculaRadio’s host Tom Smith (his real name) an atheist?

>SR99 O’Canada

> SR98 Changes

> SR97 Out of Context

>SR96 Indiana

> SR95 What Ammendment

> SR94 Myths and Facts

>SR93 Roy Zimmerman

>SR90 The Good One Percent

>SR89 End of Theism_Guest Jersey Flight Pt. 2

>SR88 End of Theism_Guest Jersey Flight Pt. 1

>SR87 Charlie Hebdo Responses

>SR86 Je Suis Charlie

>SR85 Life in the Past Lane

>SR84 2 Christmases

>SR83 Cry Babies

>SR82 The Evil Internet

>SR81 Thanksgiving Show

>SR80 Updates

>SR79 Ebola Blame

>SR78 Travis Simmons Pt. 2

>SR77 Travis Simmons Pt. 1

>SR76 Preacher Teachers

>SR75 Feelings

>SR74 Muslim Females

>SR73 Venerated Objects

>SR72 Under God Protest

>SR71 Lillian Gobitas

>SR70 Pledge Problem

>SR68 Tit for Tat

>SR66 Theists Behaving Badly 2

>SR65 – Petty Talk

>SR64 – Atheist in Greece

>SR63 – Hobbt Lobby

>SR62 – Jesus Bus in Oak Harbor, Washington

>SR61 – Suffer Little Children

>SR60 – Supremely Wrong

>SR59 – Interview with Author Jeff Stillwell, Pt. 2

>SR58 – Interview with Author Jeff Stillwell Pt. 1

>SR56 God Tunes

>SR55 – Under God

>SR54 – Victories

>SR53 – Compare and Contrast

>SR52 – The Year Anniversary of SeculaRadio

>SR51 – Long Memories

>SR50 – Push Back

>SR49 – Religious Propaganda

>SR48 – Interview with Jersey Flight Pt 2

>SR47 – Interview with Jersey Flight, Pt 1

>SR46 – Invocation Celebration

>SR45 – The Right Side of History

>SR44 – Anger

>SR43 – Atheist Invocation

>SR42 – Athiest for a Year

>SR41 – Rewind 2013

>SR40 – The Reason for the Season

>SR39 Facebook Wars Pt 2

SR38 Facebook Wars Pt 1

SR37 – Religious Tax Breaks

SR36 – The Grateful Secularist

SR35 – Out of the Closet

SR42 – Class is in Session

SR33 – Things You Don’t Say to an Athiest

SR32 – Hollywood Atheists

SR31 – Justice Scalia

SR30 – Celebrity Apprentice

SR – Religion has a Shelf Life

SR29 – Guest Robert Ray (recorded live)

>SR29 – Greece verses Galloway

>SR28 – Peace Arch Atheist Picnic

>SR26 – Father & Son Pt. 3

>SR25 – Father & Son Pt. 2

>SR24 – Father & Son Pt. 1

>SR23 – Tom’s Rants Pt. 2

>SR22 Tom’s Rants Pt. 1

>SR20 – Gambling

>SR19 – Best of No Way Man

>SR18 – Atheist verses Believer with Rev. Tim Geist

>SR17 – Atheist Church

>SR16 – Prayer at Meetings

>SR15 – Who Said That

>SR12 – Atheist Acceptance in Social and Personal Life + More

>SR11 – Popular Atheist Musicians and Composer + more

>SR10 – Human Sacrifice in the Bible

>SR9 – Tom’s Take on the 10 Commandments

>SR8 –  Signs You May  be a Fundie

>SR – Separation of Church and State, Schools

>SR6 – New Pope, A Senator changes, No Way Man

>SR5 – School Vouchers, Christianity, Catholic Church, Dictator Game

>SR4 – Church State Separation and Dictator Game Show

>SR3 – Vouchers, Church Crimes, Pat Roberts, Secular Essay

>SR2 – Catholic Church and Channeling

>SR1 – Non-Believers Call to Arms

To contact Tom Smith write to

Secular Radio does not represent the opinions or positions of Whidbey AIR public radio, it’s volunteer board, hosts, engineers, window washers or sponsors. The content of this show is developed by Tom Smith himself.


WhidbeyAir went silent and stopped their stream in Dec of 2015.  

With media changing everyday many small stations really struggle.  Support community radio in your neck of the woods.


3 responses to “SeculaRadio Podcasts

  1. Michael Dewey

    As an interested listener to WhidbeyAir…I have to say this program is important and current. Whatever your thoughts\preferences, I believe this program fits perfectly with a community radio station.

    Well done Tom Smith.

    • Thanks Michael and sorry for the delay getting back to you. Alas, Whidbey Air is off the air. However, SeculaRadio marches on! I can be heard at New episodes are featured every Monday evening and podcasts of past shows can be heard there too. Thank you!

  2. Good job guys

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