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Join Art Durand (White Bear) host of Whidbey AIR’s show Songs Come Down.  LIVE on Wednesday’s from 6 to 7pm PST

Art Durand has maintained an honorable reputation in the Native American music and story telling community for over 30 years. Art has performed for audiences in the 7 Western States.


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>Cedar Moon Show

>Quinault Elder Emmett Oliver – pt1 

>About Lying

>Bear’s Best Friend

>Everybody’s Talking About Me

>Journey On The River 2

>Big Business

>Understanding the Culture pt 2

>Indians for Kids

>More Salmon Please pt 1


>Copper Woman Continues

>Swift Runner

>Coyote/Salmon Stories

> Creation of the World

>Anne Cameron


>Raven ~The Raven  has deep meaning in Native American Indian culture and lore.  A creature of  change and transformation.  Some tribes consider the raven a trickster. metamorphosis, and symbolizes change/transformation.

>Journey on the River Vi Hilbert

>Native American Fair ~ Art’s wife Miki, along with Alyssa and Veronica interview Indigenous artists at the Duwamish Native Arts Fair.

>Elk Dogs ~ A history of the horses (buffalo runners) of the Blackfeet tribe of Montana.

>Hummingbird ~ Tales new and old about Hummingbird, who some call ‘Flower Eagle’.

>Keepers of the Animals ~ Art shares the stories of Joseph Bruchac.  Teaching tales for the young and young at heart.

>The Power of Cedar ~ How Cedar brought White Bear to Puget Sound and the story of his personal relationship with Cedar. Featuring the music of Jeff Ball and a Johnny Moses story “Grandmother Cedar Tree”.

>Coyote ~ Stories of the Trickster.

>Deliverance ~ The story of Angry John.  From Art about this show – “This is a must listen. Our salvation depends on it (or not).”

>Grand Children ~ Music and stories especially for the little ones.  Featuring music of the Black Lodge Singers and John Trudell.

>Grandma Vi Tribute ~ Art shares the story telling of Grandmother Vi Hilbert.

>Daughters of Copper Woman ~ Art shares the work and vision of Anne Cameron’s amazing book The Daughters of Copper Woman.

>Art’s Original Dulcimer Compositions +Bear+ Boogie Woman Stories

journeyofthespirit4Ambient music on Songs Come Down provided by flutist Paul Che oke’ten Wagner from his CD Journey of the Spirit.  His debut album – Journey of the Spirit received the Just Plain Folks Music Award for Best Album in 2009.

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