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Don Haynes interviews Yvonne Palka who is the award-winning sumi-e artist who wrote and illustrated Dragon Fire, Ocean Mist. A retired college professor, grandmother, biologist and naturalist, she is passionate about introducing children and adults to the wonders of the natural world.Yvonne loves sumi-e (Asian brush) painting for the simple elegance with which it captures the spirit of nature. The same magic of the heart that gave rise to these dragon stories gives rise to her Sumi paintings.Yvonne lives on Whidbey Island, Washington, where she paints, writes, gardens and volunteers as a naturalist. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Dragon Fire, Ocean Mist goes to support the restoration and preservation of wild places in the Pacific Northwest.
Don Haynes interviews author and illustrator Yvonne Palka
Don Haynes, host of Whidbey Air’s literary talk show “Writer’s and their Stories”, interviews Marie deHaan about her experience with cancer.
Don Haynes with Marie de Haan
Don Haynes, host of Whidbey Air’s literary talk show “Writer’s and their Stories”, interviews Sheryl CloughSheryl Clough is a poet, essayist, editor, and aspiring publisher. She lives on Whidbey Island, where she finds a rich supply of writing material in the native plants, animals and wild weather.Sheryl received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she designed and taught UAF’s first writing course linked to environmental literature. Her poems, stories and essays have appeared in Spindrift, Explorations, Storyboard, Sierra, Travelers Tales, Soundings Review and others. Sheryl won the Grand Prize in the 2008 Spirit of Writing competition for her poem “Upon Hearing That the Last Native Eyak Speaker Has Died.” Sheryl’s sea kayaking adventure story “Icebergs in My Dreams” was published in the Seal Press anthology Solo: On Her Own Adventure, now in its third printing.Her travels in Ireland have inspired her recent the creation a chapbook-in-progress called In the Hollow of the Millstone.
Don Haynes interviews Sheryl Clough
Don Haynes, host of KWPA’s Writers and their Stories, interviews Whidbey Island artist, writer and poet Susan Jensen. In this interview Susan talks about her life, her writing and painting, and her transformation, from working woman and mother, to writer and artist on Whidbey Island. Jensen’s retirement poem, I Have the Rest of My Life, kicks off this interesting interview. Enjoy getting to know Whidbey’s Susan Jensen.
Don Haynes interviews Jensen
Don Haynes, host of KWPA’s literary talk show “Writer’s and their Stories”, interviews naturalist, author and photographer Tom Trimbath about his book Twelve Months at Merritt Lake.
Don Haynes interviews Tom Trimbath