From the Crate

From the CrateJoin J. Christopher as he places the spotlight on music from his past in a show he calls From the Crate. He moved to Whidbey Island with crates of music that he’s collected since he was 5-years old. 45s, LPs, cassettes, CDs are all part of his collection that’s been in storage for over 20-years. The show is based around one album that J. Christopher grabs at random and he adds interesting details about the music and the album’s artist. If that wasn’t enough, he takes a look at pop culture for the year the album was released, including events, movies, TV and the music that was popular at the time.  Join J. Christopher as he rediscovers treasures From The Crate

Statements from people who may have listened to From the Crate with J. Christopher:

“Can he really play that music on the air?”
“What is J. Christopher thinking?”
“Truly amazing. I cried!”
“There ought to be a law against that type of programing!”
“Who does this J. Christopher think he is anyway!”
“Where does he get this stuff?”
“Makes you want to go, Hmmm?”
“I turned it off, but then something compelled me to turn it back on.”
“The show is too slick for Whidbey radio.”
“That J. Christopher is not from around these parts.”
“I wish that From the Crate was on 24×7!”
“In a word, wow!”
“No comment.”
“That’s a weird name for a show.”

Join J. Christopher for From the Crate and form your own opinion.J. dunn

From the Crate show times:
Sunday afternoons at 3
Monday mornings at 4
Friday nights at 10

Only on Whidbey AIR!