Spirit Talks

Conversations with people about matters of the spirit.

Kathy Baxter is an Ordained Lightworker Metaphysician and Ceremonialist from Freeland.  She works with sound and light vibrations as well as sacred geometry.  You might see her on the beach at Double Bluff making Flower of Life circles in the sand with a giant compass, or playing a crystal singing bowl for the entertainment of whales swimming by.
Kathy BaxterI am fascinated with the spiritual quality of the land and the water around Whidbey Island, and also with the magnificent richness of the people who have come her to make their homes.  I hope to shine some light on some of the magic and mystery tucked away in the people of Whidbey through our conversations on Spirit Talks.

>Listen to Whidbey AIR’s Spirit Talks Podcasts


3 responses to “Spirit Talks

  1. Kathy, I’m glad to hear you’re doing this program! If you have any interest in the work I’m doing, and would like to interview me, feel free to check out my blog, which you should be able to access easily from my WordPress ID here.

  2. morganamorgaine

    Just interviewed by Kathy Baxter re: my new book “Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman, Rethink Your Lifestyle & Rewrite Your Future.” It was great fun! Why? Because Kathy is a skillful host and conducts her interviews as a conversation which makes it much more alive and interesting. Thanks, Kathy!
    Morgana Morgaine

  3. Awesome show. Incredible host.

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